Welcome to my website!

Growing up in a turkish household, I always knew what Henna traditionally is used for. But travelling to Indonesia and India in 2014/2015 and getting Henna designs done on my hand by other artists made me fall in love with it! So thats how I started to do Henna. Fascinated by the fast and beautiful work of others, I decided to learn how to mix my own Henna paste and tried to find my own Henna style since September 2015

Since I am a linguistics and cultural anthropology student at a german university, I always had a fable for different cultures and languages. Being able to visit several places abroad and making a lot foreign friends were possibly the best things that have happened to me.

I love travelling to different countries and meeting different people! That’s how my Henna journey basically began. And the Henna Community on Instagram and Facebook were a big help. So i decided to help others aswell.

Starting from basic henna tips to volunteer work with henna art, I try to bring a little joy to everyone through henna!

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